Chefs Can Be Fanboys, Too!

Famous chefs in awe of other famous chefs…love it! While we, John Q Public, watch talented top chefs from afar (and hopefully closeup, if we’re lucky), these pics on some well-known chefs’ Instagrams prove that they, too, get just as jazzed to be in the company of their idols. Here are a few fun photos of them loving on some of their own faves. Enjoy!

From his Insta, it appears talented Top Chef winner, Michael Voltaggio, is a big fanboy of his favorite chefs, and doesn’t hesitate to share the pics. Love this one of him with chef icon Nobu at the 2017 Aspen Food & Wine Festival Also, love this pic that he shared (via Chef Graham Elliot), of a whole gaggle of top chefs. I spy Andrew Zimmern, Daniel Boulud, Bryan Voltaggio, and Sean Brock going gaga over some unnamed someone on stage at the Festival. (Wish I knew, as he wasn’t saying). And although Chef Michael’s looking unimpressed, I believe he just wanted to drink in the moment, LOL!

Here’s a hilarious one of Aaron Sanchez, making no bones about his affection for another well-known chef. Could be because these two are working together on this season of Gordon Ramsay’s “MasterChef.”

Wrapping up with this endearing photo of Chef Rick Bayliss, with one of his earliest mentors, Alice Waters, known for her nearly four decades as a champion of sustainable agriculture, and for her well-known Berkeley, Calif. restaurant Chez Panisse