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I love writing about food and entertaining, as well as sharing my experiences  with you. Please enjoy my latest articles from Saute Magazine.

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Since 1993

Claire Ginther

Claire Ginther is a seasoned writer/host, who for the first half of her working life held positions (both on-staff and freelance) for a variety of national publications, including  Entrepreneur, Psychiatric Times, Road & Track, Gerontology Today, HR Magazine, Dealernews, Watercraft Dealer, Touring Bike, and Pickup, Van & 4WD, to name a few.

Now, in the second half of her media career, Claire focuses on writing, researching and filming segments revolving around her three main passions: food, entertaining and ambiance. You can find many of her current articles on these topics in the beautiful culinary magazine, Saute, where she is a regular contributor.

You can also find her chronicling these passions through her blog and Instagram  “Claire’s Atmosphere,” where she delights in sharing her discoveries, insights, tips and tidbits from the realms of food, restaurants, chefs, parties, entertaining, ambiance…and of course…atmosphere!

Please note that Claire is currently available for freelance assignments, at which time pricing can be discussed. Please contact her through this website, detailing your writing  needs.

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