Sparkle, Chef, Sparkle!

Four chefs bringing the sparkle today via their Insta’s…and we get to share in the fun!

First, a hearty congratulations to Chef Giada de Laurentiis, who just celebrated the 3-year anniversary of her Las Vegas restaurant (appropriately named “Giada”), located inside The Cromwell Hotel. With an abundance of great chefs and restaurants in this town, three years is a big deal. Congratulations, Giada!

And you’ve seen her as a regularly returning judge on Food Network’s “Chopped,” but this weekend, Chef Maneet Chauhan, served as one of the invited master chefs at the Grand Velas Resort Hotel, Los Cabos, Mexico’s culinary event, which ended today, and ran June 21-25. Look at this parting gift–a portrait of all the chefs who attended. How cool is that!
And I wouldn’t leave a first-class culinary event like this either without a surreptitious bite from this gorgeous oversized macaroon!

Now, something sparkly for your upcoming 4th of July celebration. Well, that is when you put something sparkly in the middle of it…your choice! Check out these easy-peasy berry pie toppings Martha Stewart and team came up with. Love the patriotic arrangements. Could go on top of any custard-style pie.

Finally, even though the Aspen Food & Wine Festival ended a week ago, Chef Jonathan Waxman added this very sparkly pic to his Insta that sort of sums up the event, if you ask me. Made me smile…hope it does you, too. Enjoy!